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Weight Gain and Depression Cured with Hypnotherapy

Weight Gain and Depression Cured with Hypnotherapy

We have all been there before. You try on your favorite pair of pants only to realize that they fit much snugger than usual. You step on a scale and the pendulum swings further than you had anticipated.  Unexpected Weight Gain can manifest itself even when you aren’t aware of its cause immediately.  When you realize you have been gaining weight, you start to go through your checklist. Maybe your weight gain is caused by a hormonal imbalance or a new medication that was recently introduced to your body. But when the obvious medical conditions are absent from your scenario, you begin to wonder if just maybe, it’s a lack of motivation that is piling on the pounds.

Depression is a very real factor in weight gain. In a society that is enraptured with being thin, many are left to assume that being fat is depressing. This cause and effect relationship might make sense to most people, but many academics are drawing a closer link to depression as the root cause of weight gain.

A new study done by Belinda L. Needham an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, “and that is that being depressed actually makes you gain weight.” In her study she found that people who reported symptoms of sadness and loneliness gained weight quicker than those who appeared to be happier over a 15 year period.  Her study showed that depression leads to inactivity, poor time management and over eating. The study also showed that those who were depressed also gained weight at a higher frequency when they relied on psychotropic drugs to relieve their clinical symptoms.  Moreover, she found that chronic stress was an overwhelming factor in weight gain associated with depression.  She remarked: “The way we think about it in the study is that chronic stress is the mediator – that chronic stress arousal leads to depressed affect, which then leads to excess weight gain,”

Hypnosis can be focused to pinpoint the specific contributors to your specific weight loss issues.  In just a few sessions, you will be feeling in control of your depression, chronic stress and weight gain issues. That’s because Hypnotherapy deals with your subconscious mind and sets up anchor points you can use to surmount the obstacles triggering your depression and weight loss.  It doesn’t make a particle of difference how long you have been putting this off. The time to start making a positive change is today. Give us a call for a free evaluation. We have both group and individual hypnotherapy sessions available for our weight loss clients.

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