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Stress Busting tips (that work)

Stress Busting tips (that work)

To better understand stress and how to overcome it, let’s meet Beth. Beth is just like you and I.  On Tuesday, she overslept by 20 minutes. Because she was in a rush to get ready for work, she forgot to brush his teeth and didn’t have any time to sit down and eat breakfast.  Whens he was finally ready to walk out the door she realized he forgot her purse upstairs on the dresser. Once she made it to her car, she immediately realized her keys were still inside on the night table.  As she makes her way to work, she is immediately in rush hour traffic and has to fight off road rage all the way to work. When she finally sits down to work, she is in a cranky mood and unmotivated.  Beth’s story isn’t uncommon. Our days unfold like this all the time. But what you may not realize is, it only takes a moment to change this perpetual cycle.

Here are some practical tips you can put into play to deal with stressful situations.

Make a list of the things that stress you out

This is the first thing we recommend you do. Take a moral inventory and try to identify the things that stress you out. Once you have identified those things that get you going, try and identify the things you can avoid all together. Of the things you can’t avoid, plan on how you are going to change your attitude when you face them.

Give up control

You simply can’t control everything. Sometimes it’s best to get used to rolling with the punches. A little bobbing and weaving is good for you. Come what may and love it! Having a good attitude about life’s situations can go a long way to circumventing your stressors.

Avoid Stressful people

Some people are energy suckers! Identify them and make plans to cut them out completely or spend less time with them. When you take back control over the people you allow into your life, you will feel better about yourself and your confidence will grow in the presence of positive people.

Give up overwhelming commitments

Sometimes we take on responsibilities that can become draining. Maybe we thought we’d have better performance, maybe the description of responsibilities changed on the fly or some other unforeseen variable.  Whatever the situation, sometimes it is liberating to waive the white flag and just move on. If you find yourself in this category, don’t be afraid to make a positive change.

Become Punctual

Regardless of how you dismiss or try to excuse your tardiness, the truth is, that being late affects your performance and others perception of your dedication. If you haven’t resolved to do so yet, now is the time to become part of the solution and focus some serious attention at being on time. Be early, it feels great.

Gain Freedom from Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

We would like to empower you to dedicate some effort into changing these behaviors, when you do you will see less stress and anxiety in your life.  If you need help implementing positive change in your life, hypnotherapy can help. This is because hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind and helps to reinforce positive behaviors. Call us today for a free consultation and start gaining freedom from anxiety with hypnosis.

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