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Most Common Hypnosis Myths Dispelled

Most Common Hypnosis Myths Dispelled

Our Hypnotherapy sessions are completely different than any stage show you have attended in a club or on a cruise ship.  There are no parlor tricks or waiving pocket watches. We provide a comfortable, safe environment where you will be aware of your surroundings and making positive changes.

Let’s address some common misconceptions about Hypnosis in general and explain how hypnosis, in a clinical setting is different from what you see in a stage show.

Myth #1 You will not be in control while in a hypnotic state.

The hypnosis process on a clinical level relies on your ability to accept and understand instructions.  You will have full control to accept or reject the suggestions given by your hypnotherapist.

Myth #2 Hypnosis is permanent

As with anything in life, your free will can surmount all.  You can choose to accept or reject the training you receive through hypnosis. If you choose to reject the suggestions given, you can chart your own path.

Myth #3 You will not recall your session

You will have a cognizant recall of your session. During the session you will be totally awake and can leave the session if you become uncomfortable.

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