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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

‘Xtinguish’ the habit that has you as a prisoner!

 The history of hypnotherapy being used as a method of smoking cessation is well documented. Hypnotherapy in a clinical setting is a form of conditioning or training that sets up positive nudges to help you to overcome addiction.  You will be aware during the entire session. Regardless of what you’ve been told, your behaviors are really a result of a way of thinking, over time you have convinced yourself that you are a smoker. Through hypnotherapy, our clients experience relief from smoking and other addictions by reconditioning their way of thinking.  Hypnosis to Quit smoking is a pleasurable experience.

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you tired of going outside to “light-up?”
  • Tired of having your life constantly interrupted by a ridiculous, nasty habit?
  • Feeling like an outcast, standing alone while everyone else continues to have fun?
  • Are you embarrassed that you can’t stop being controlled by such a nasty habit?
  • Statistics show that your skin is aging 10 times faster than a non-smoker, do you like the look of premature wrinkles?

Think about the reasons why you might make a positive change:

  1. Cigarette Smoking is expensive (If you smoke a pack a day you are spending at leaset $3000/yr on your habit)
  2. It’s ruining your relationship (more common than you think)
  3. It’s not socially acceptable anymore, and it annoys others.
  4. You feel bad (it wears you out.)
  5. You smell bad (Yes, you do. Let’s just be honest)
  6. Your taste has gone bad (you have very few taste receptors left as a smoker)
  7. You look stupid (most people polled believe smokers are less intelligent)
  8. You’re a bad role model for your children and young family members
  9. You’re out of integrity because you know you’re a better person than this
  10. You’re tired of being controlled by something other than you

The ‘Xtinguish’ smoking cessation program will partner with your unconscious mind to reprogram

your automatic responses and desires.  Making it easy to kick a habit that has kicked you around for years!

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