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Group Hypnosis Quit Smoking Sessions

Group Hypnosis Quit Smoking Sessions

Welcome to ‘Xtinguish!’,  Alpharetta Hypnosis’ exclusive 2 session Group Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program.

The ‘Xtinguish!’ program is designed using the latest research, understandings and techniques available to free you from slavery to an addiction that is robbing your bank account, stealing enjoyment from your life and killing you at an ever increasing rate.

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Get rid of your nasty smoking addiction today!

There is only one reason you would be reading this far, and that is because on some level you are desperate.  Desperate to become a non-smoker once again.  You have probably tried other methods and ended up finding a cigarette back in your hand and smoke back in your lungs… yet again.    And now, you are hoping that there may yet be some answer still out there to help you STOP ONCE AND FOR ALL!

This program provides a New Sense of Hope.  Hypnosis works!  Partnering with your unconscious mind (where habits reside) is what gives hypnosis the strength it has.   We rely on the ability you have always possessed within and re-awaken the Non-Smoker you were BORN TO BE!

‘Xtinguish!’ is a 2 session program that runs on concurrent weeks.  Each session runs approximately an hour, depending on the group and progress.  As part of the program you will recieve printed informational material you will be required to read and a Hypnosis Audio Program to reinforce the work accomplished in the sessions and beyond.   You will also be taught techniques to see you through any unexpected tough times.  There will also be assignments you will want to accomplish which work to support the changes made in session and beyond.

Just how excited will you be when you reclaim the life and the years you have sacrificed to a disgusting addiction? Ending this addiction can be simple.  Hypnosis Simple!

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Upcoming Dates to be set shortly.


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