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How can Hypnotherapy Help with Weight Loss?

How can Hypnotherapy Help with Weight Loss?

What causes Weight Gain?

It’s no surprises that if you eat giant portions, lots of fried food, pile on the desserts and always ask for second helpings it will lead to weight gain. And there’s hardly any question why the pounds add up when you take in more calories than you can burn with physical activity. But sometimes weight gain can be harder to pinpoint when your lifestyle includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. You may not be aware, but weight gain can also be caused by things we overlook like lack of sleep, stress or even a more serious medical condition. More than likely it is caused by several things working in unison to create a problem.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With Weight Loss?

Most people don’t even consider Hypnosis in the context of helping people struggling with weight loss. When you mention hypnotism, people usually think of stage acts. Maybe remember a cruise you took a few years ago where a Hypnotist made someone do some embarrassing things. In reality, clinical hypnosis is something very different.  A clinical hypnotherapist, like Blaine Pratt uses hypnosis techniques like guided imagery and relaxation techniques to tap into your subconscious mind and recondition your mind to start accepting your natural will and facilitate positive changes in your life. Hypnosis works as a tool to get what you really want, for example, to be thinner and more active and lead a healthier life.

What to expect

Hypnosis is a pleasurable experience. During a hypnosis session, we first sit down with our clients and briefly interview them about their weight loss goals and try to pin point what is causing the struggle. Perhaps your over eating is a symptom of depression. Hypnotherapy works to remove these obstacles. Once we have a grip on what is causing your particular problem, we will use hypnosis techniques like visualization and guided imagery to ease your subconscious mind to the surface and set up anchor points through suggestion that you will be able to use to fight your triggers when faced with them. Our sessions typically last one hour long and are intended to be an enriching experience.

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