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How can Hypnotherapy help me Quit Smoking?

How can Hypnotherapy help me Quit Smoking?

Let’s meet Dawn. She came to me at 84 years old with a smoking addiction she had been battling for 50 years! She’d tried everything, patches, gum, even recently electronic cigarettes, nothing worked for her. A friend who had been a client of mine and successfully lost weight and kept it off through hypnotherapy recommended her. She was skeptical at first, but almost a year later (a non-smoker), Dawn recounted her experience: “I wasn’t even aware I was being Hypnotized. It was a relaxing and pleasurable experience and I feel so much better because of it.”

Stories like Dawn’s are extraordinary but the end result is the same with most people who come to see me to quit smoking through hypnosis. Studies on Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness have shown positive and encouraging results. Even celebrities like Matt Damon and Charlize Theron have used Hypnosis to quit smoking. You won’t find a bearded man dangling a pocket watch telling you that you’re getting very sleepy. Today’s clinical Hypnotherapist like Blaine Pratt are people with advanced degrees and have the same type of offices as your typical psychologist.

But, How can Hypnosis end my smoking addiction?

There are as many different approaches to hypnotherapy as there are brands of cigarettes. Typically, your journey will begin with a phone call to see when the best time for you and your hypnotherapist will be to meet face to face. You will have a free screening to determine the best course of action to treat your smoking addiction. An in-person session will include guided breathing exercises and visualization techniques.

During the process of hypnosis, you will be in a relaxed state but you will be fully aware of your surroundings. Once you are fully induced and your subconscious mind is fully receptive to suggestions, the hypnosis practitioner will set up anchor points that will hopefully take root and change your behavior.

In simple terms, the hypnotist works with the subconscious (the part of the mind that tells the brain that “smoking is indeed cool, and worth the damage”) and convinces your subconscious that this is in actuality a very destructive process.  Hypnotherapy very pleasurable and the results are lasting.   

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