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Group Weight Loss

Group Weight Loss

Welcome to ‘Your Inner Thinner’ , Alpharetta Hypnosis’ exclusive group hypnosis introduction to Weight-Loss through Hypnosis.

Our Weight-Loss program starts with a simple premise, which is:  Inside of you… beneath all that weight you are longing to get rid of… there is a Thin Person just waiting to get out.   When we were born we had the correct amount of body mass, fat and weight that was appropriate for that age and time of life.   You were made with all the right ingredients and mechanisms to be happy, healthy and just the right weight.  Somewhere along the line Your Inner Thinner became muffled and couldn’t be heard anymore… and many of the poor choices that have affected your weight were simply are result of not being true to who you really are on the inside.

The essence of our ‘Your Inner Thinner’ program is the reconnection with who you are on the inside.   Weight-loss and diets are all about becoming LESS of who you DON’T want to be be, as opposed to becoming MORE of who you ALREADY are!!  The Thinner Inner You!!   Fortunately, Hypnosis is the perfect way to reconnect with ‘Your Inner Thinner’,  and these Group Sessions are a great way to start.

The ‘Your Inner Thinner’ Group Hypnosis Session brings together a group of people with similar desires and goals to experience the beginning of a life transformation together.  

In the 2 hour session we will…

  • Explain hypnosis and address common misunderstandings
  • Explain how weight becomes a issue and why some stay that way
  • Explain the forces working against weight-loss and why Diets don’t work
  • Begin to set some goals and forge mindsets for change
  • Dig into the life changing benefits of Weight-loss and Hypnosis
  • Begin to get in touch with and understand Your Inner Thinner
  • Learn some essential techniques that you can use every day to help on the journey.
  • Witness a demonstration of the power of your own mind… and of others
  • Experience a full Hypnosis Session geared toward reconnecting you with Your Inner Thinner.

Beyond the session and the learnings there will be opportunities, if you would like, to meet others and share your stories and dreams.   No one should feel like they are in this alone.  It is always comforting to know others are on the journey with you.

Lastly, for all attendees we will offer a discount on additional Hypnosis Sessions in our office.   These sessions can be reinforcement sessions for the work begun in the Group Session or for any other issue you would like help with. You can see details of other services we offer on the Services link of our website.

Sign up today and join us on the first steps of the journey of a life time, as you reclaim the health and the lifestyle you have been missing…   and become Your Inner Thinner!

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