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What is Hypnotherapy?

Sometimes it seems as though we are battling against ourselves.  We know what we ‘should’ do… we know the ‘right’ thing to do… and yet we find ourselves avoiding, ignoring, forgetting or rebelling against our own desires and best interest.  It seems to make no sense whatsoever.  It’s almost like we are our own worst enemies at times. Utilizing Hypnosis, we can align and create allies between seemingly uncooperative parts of our mind and body.  We can strengthen resolve, clarify outcomes, release unresourceful and unhelpful states, feelings and beliefs, and build a resilience that overcomes. If that seems like magic, well, it isn’t.  It is merely enlisting the potential we all have within our minds, we simply haven’t known or been taught how to tap into it to the extent needed.   Like anything of worth or value, there is work involved.  There is no magic potion… no pixie dust… no magic wand.  Hypnosis is a tool or technology we use to build partnerships between your unconscious and conscious minds.  And even though it isn’t magic, the results can sometimes seem to be magical!

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

There are many misconceptions about Hypnosis.  Most of those are the result of the exaggerations you find in movies and books… just like they exaggerate everything.  If you want to have an idea of what Hypnosis is like, you only have to recall the last time you drove home.  Here is what happened…  
  1. You knew where you wanted to go.
  2. You began driving that direction  
  3. Your mind wandered or you became distracted… either lost in thought… taking a phone call, etc.   
  4. You ended up at home… not recalling some of the stops you made… or the times you made lane changes… or tapped the break to slow down in traffic.   
  5. You made all the right turns… right stops… to end up right where you intended to be.

Now, if you were to really try to think back over the trip you could remember some of the details if you tried, but while you were lost in thought or distracted, your unconscious mind was clear about a few things:   It knew where you wanted to go, it knew how to get there, it knew that changes in direction and speed would need to be made along the journey, and it made those adjustments in your course as necessary.  That is why they call it ‘Highway Hypnosis’.   While everyone’s experience is different, this is a simple way to think of Hypnosis through an experience we all have had… and will have.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Many people wonder if they can be hypnotized.  Some even believe they cannot.  However, as described in the previous question, Hypnosis is a completely natural state that is experienced to varying degrees by everyone.   Generally speaking, anyone not who is not mentally impaired, of at least average intelligence and willing to give themselves to the experience the way you would a creative day dream, can be hypnotized.  With that said, it is clear that with the above exceptions, anyone can be hypnotized.  Yes, you CAN be Hypnotized, but that doesn’t mean that you WILL be hypnotized.  As stated above, you must be willing to give yourself over to the experience through focused concentration and following suggestions.  This is why we offer Free Consultations.   We do not accept everyone as a client.  We meet with potential clients for about 30 minutes to determine their commitment to change, their willingness to follow suggestion and ensure they are comfortable with the work that lies ahead.    In most cases the client has spent years if not a lifetime carefully building the problem they now want to disassemble.  This will require effort, determination and resilience.  These are some of the things we discuss in the consultation.

How can I prepare for a Hypnotherapy Session?

There are a number of things you can begin to do immediately in preparation for your session in the our office.   First, you must be absolutely rock solid in your Intention.  Your intention is a combination of Intense Desire with a Strong Emotion attached.   The clearer you are about what you want… and why it is important… and how strongly you feel about this new direction… the stronger your Intention will be.  This Intention will serve as a compass for the work we will do, both in the office and the work you will do outside the office.  Second, begin to act ‘As If’.   Begin NOW to shape your life in ways that prove that the very thing you Intend to have happen IS ALREADY TRUE for you.   Act ‘As If’ the changes were already made…. ‘As If’ you were a non-smoker… ‘As If’ you already ate healthy and in moderate proportions… ‘As If’ the future successes you Intend to have happen have ALREADY happened.     A non- smoker wouldn’t have a secret stash of cigarettes… why would they?  They aren’t a smoker… and the thought nauseates them.   A thin person doesn’t buy Twinkies and gallons of Ice Cream at the grocery store… and these things aren’t in their cupboard either.   You get the idea…  Begin NOW to BE that person you Intend to be.    And guess what… it’s only a small step from acting ‘As If’ to actually Becoming.  Neuroscience has proven this time and again.  Try it and see.

Will I know what is going on around me?

You will be aware of exactly the things that you need to be aware of during each session.  Hypnosis does NOT lobotomize you.  We don’t cut out part of your brain or hijack your mind by taking complete control.  At ANY point in time you could simply open your eyes and terminate the session.  You won’t want to, but trust me, you could do so… and with ease.The truth is Hypnosis isn’t about the Hypnotist taking control of your mind… but rather the Hypnotist assists you in partnering with your Unconscious Mind to have more and better control of your own mind.   After all, that is usually why people come to see a Hypnotist:  They don’t have the control of their own mind that they wish they had.   A good Hypnotist not only helps you with the issues you came to them for, but we also teach you techniques that will help you have better control in your life… for the rest of your life!

Are the affects of Hypnotherapy permanent?

Hypnosis is just as permanent as the choices you make in your life.  Yes, Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to adjust your beliefs, realign your actions, relieve stresses and anxieties and equip you for life to have powerful Mind/Body integration. However, your free will hasn’t been erased.  At any point in time you could simply CHOOSE to revert to your undesired and unresourceful past.  Why would you do that?  I have NO IDEA!  But you could do so. Honestly, Hypnosis is really all about that ability to choose.   Most clients come to a Hypnotist feeling out of control, without choice and powerless.  They are seeking the power of choice in their life.  You may not think about it that way, but in essence that is what the client wants.  They want to be ABLE to say NO to a cigarette.  They want to be ABLE to say no to over eating.  They want the power to be ABLE to deal with stressful situations without anxiety. They WANT choice because they haven’t had it.Hypnosis helps give the power of Choice.  And of course, with power comes great responsibility.  The responsibility to Choose wisely… and NOT pick up a cigarette… to NOT over eat… to be BOLD and fearless… to let go of Anxiety and Stress… to begin to BE the very best version of yourself, is the power you are seeking.   Yes, the effects of Hypnosis CAN be permanent.   My GUESS is you are hoping it IS permanent.  My BELIEF is that you will make it so!

Can hypnotic suggestions be reversed?

As explained before, the work done in Hypnosis is very powerful… but not ALL powerful.  Not only can the suggestions be reversed, but if anything suggested to you in Hypnosis doesn’t align with your personal values, beliefs or desires your Unconscious Mind will simply disregard them like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit into your image of the world. That’s not to say that Hypnotic Suggestions are weak.  They are powerful and enabling.  The suggestions given in Hypnosis become like a lifeline thrown out to a drowning person.  They provide a sense of Hope, direction and strength that you will cling to and use to pull yourself to safety.  The suggestions are tied to strong resources which will hold up as you pull yourself along that lifeline… toward that resource.. toward that safe place… out of the depth of the problem.   

How much will I remember the session?

People have various questions about memory in Hypnosis.  “Can you help me remember something I have forgotten?”.   “Can you erase a memory I don’t want to have anymore?”,  “Will you be able to get things out of my memory that I don’t want you to know?”, “Will I remember what you say in the session?”.  Etc. First, you will hear and remember exactly what your Unconscious Mind feels you need to hear or remember.   How would you know anyway?  You will only remember what you remember.  If you have forgotten then you wouldn’t remember it to know that you had forgotten it.  See how tricky memory is!  However, everyone’s experience is different.  Part of Hypnosis is in trusting your own unconscious mind.  That’s where we are going in Hypnosis for answers and solutions; we might as well trust whatever it decides is necessary.  I think you know you better than anyone else can.  So trust yourself. Second, because we will be partnering and trusting your unconscious mind, you can rest assured that you will not reveal anything that you don’t want revealed.  No deep dark secrets will slip out without your choosing to allow that to happen.  As a matter of fact, many times in the session the work will be done without even mentioning what the problems are at their root.  They are simply dealt with in a symbolic fashion, since this is the language of the unconscious mind.

Do you provide recorded inductions on CDs or MP3s?

At various times you may be given a recording of Hypnotic material for you to utilize on your own outside the office.  These recordings become reinforcing material to strengthen the work we do in session. Many clients find that there is reassurance in knowing that they have a tool readily available to them whenever they need.  Some of these are included in the price of the program. At other times you may want a recording specific to you and your situation which will be built to stress the suggestions and direction from our sessions together.  Some people find comfort in that consistency of message.  These, and other recordings can be created for the client if you so desire.  If you are curious about these products simply ask at the consultation or session.

What are your areas of expertise?

I meet people at a number of different junctures in their lives.  Some come to see me for ‘Remedial’ work (for lack of a better word)…  in other words they need a remedy for the issues and difficulties in their lives.   Some continue to see me to begin to move beyond being hampered and hindered by the struggles of their life and they are ready to begin to generate a new life for themselves, having thrown off the shackles of burdens, addictions and fears etc.   Others  I meet when they are striving for becoming the very best version of themselves imaginable.  These clients are ready to  move beyond good … beyond acceptable… and into the realm of greatness. 
Given the diversity of people, where they are in life and what their individual needs are, it requires a flexibility of programs and approach.  You can see the specifics of the programs on the Services page of the website.  In a broad overview,  I deal with Smoking Cessation, Weight loss, Stress/Anxiety related issues, Fears/Phobias, Confidence, relationships, occupational challenges and Performance Enhancement. With that said, my history, experience and passion is embodied in the program called “Superlative You!”.   
Elsewhere on this site you will find some of my core beliefs about people, but suffice it to say that the Acorn in the company logo represents to me the idea of Unlimited Potential.  My expertise and my passion is to be found in helping others discover more about themselves and their potential than they ever knew or dreamed was possible.  Then… to bring that seed of potential to fruition.  It is easily the most rewarding part of what I do, because I truly believe that everyone has GREATNESS within them.  And when they come to believe that about themselves… then find it to be TRUE… it is simply amazing to see the transformation in their lives.  Then the ripple effects of that transformation touches the banks of many different lives. It doesn’t matter where you and I meet along the journey of your life.  My belief holds out that all of us… including you… have yet to discover the richness of life, the fullness of purpose and the very best version of yourself imaginable.  I look forward to helping you begin the journey of a lifetime!
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