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How to deal with Change

How to deal with Change

Even though many times we say we want to change, we often run from change (kicking and screaming). We can imagine ourselves looking better and losing weight, but the resolve to change wears thin about the time we hit the grocery store.  Even when we are highly motivated to make a change, putting a plan in action can be difficult. People enjoy comfort and dislike the growing process of change. The real problem manifests itself as we procrastinate the positive changes we are driven to make. 

Each event in our life is open to interpretation, whether it is positive or negative. If we decide to find a way to make it positive then it will become positive to us… And therefore stress free.  In life we make choices. If we choose to allow our habitual negative interpretations the it will be a negative experience for us … And we choose to accept the stress that goes along with it!!

If you think about it, change is nothing more than forming a series of habits. Hypnosis training can help you to train your mind to be an effective decision maker. Our programs are tailored with the individual in mind, we know each of our customers faces their own unique set of struggles. Alpharetta Hypnosis can help you to relieve anxiety and make a positive change in many areas of your life.

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