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Embracing Change through Hypnosis

Embracing Change through Hypnosis

Simply because “change is a part of life” does not mean that those impacted by change are comfortable with it or prepared to deal with its rippling effects.  In today’s world, change seems to occur with a greater frequency than it used to.  Technology is always pushing further and forcing us to embrace and learn new things.  Many times, you might feel like you haven’t had time to adjust to the last major change before a new one comes rolling along.  This can often cause stress and anxiety or feelings of being out of control or overwhelmed.  It can be hard to cope with stress associated with changes you did not sign up for.

One of the reasons change is stressful is most people associate it negatively. People prefer things secure and stable. However, change can be a catalyst for finding the best YOU. The fact is, people just don’t function at their peak in the absence of change.  But there is a very real tendency to become complacent we must fight against to facilitate change.  Many times, a little change is all you need to find an improved outcome and better choices.

 Here are a few facts about Change

  • Change cannot be avoided
  • It is impossible to predict the outcome of change fully
  • What we don’t know isn’t always worse than what we know
  • Change can facilitate a creative boost
  • Stress is a natural side effect
  • Some changes are for the best, others are for the worst
  • Change is all about taking action

Most of our clients are wrestling with the idea of change. Here at Alpharetta Hypnosis, we are dedicated to helping people make a positive change in their lives. We understand the relationship between stress and change.  Our focus is to help our clients face those things that are holding them back and help them to overtake the challenges in their path.  If you are spending time contemplating change, give us a call for a free consultation.

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